Dental Bonding

For repairs to minor damage to tooth enamel—things like chips or cracks in teeth—Dr. Williams can use bonding to make your teeth look like new.

What is Bonding?

Dental bonding is a process that uses a tooth-colored composite material for repairing damage to teeth or for filling cavities. It can be used for cosmetic purposes as well. Bonding material can be used to extend teeth to close small gaps, even out teeth, and essentially act as a non-invasive form of a smile makeover.

Dental bonding will typically take only a single visit to our office.

dental bonding

How is bonding done?

Depending on the type of bonding treatment being done, an anesthetic may be used at the start of the procedure.


To prepare your tooth, Dr. Williams will briefly apply an acidic solution to the surface where the bonding material will be attached.


The resin will then be placed and shaped by the doctor before being hardened with a curing light. Dr. Williams will repeat this same process, building up the resin until it is in its final shape.


Once complete, the bonding material is firmly attached to your tooth, and looks and feels smooth. You may notice some slight sensitivity after the treatment, but this should subside shortly afterward.

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