Oral Cancer Screening

Your regular checkups at Plainfield Family Dental aren’t just about looking for cavities.

Why is it important to perform an oral cancer screening?

Many illnesses and health disorders show their first signs in the mouth, so, during your oral wellness visit, Dr. Williams will examine you for potential warning signs so that you can get the necessary treatment as early as possible.

These exams include checking you for oral cancer. Oral cancer can be hard to detect initially, as it is typically painless at first.

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Some symptoms of oral cancer include:


Oral pain


Bumps or unusual sores in the mouth


Pronounced pain in one ear


Sore throat


A bump in the neck


Trouble chewing, swallowing or moving the jaw


Bleeding of the tongue, cheeks or gums (that isn't related to periodontal disease)


Numbness in the jaw

Please keep in mind that having any of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have oral cancer. Instead, if there is anything that concerns you, please make an appointment to have it looked at by Dr. Williams.

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Regular visits to our office are still the best way to allow us to spot any trouble before it has a chance to get serious, so, if you haven’t already, call us to make sure you have your next oral wellness visit lined up.

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