Complete Dentures

Those who suffer from missing teeth may find that they have more difficulty speaking or eating, have discomfort from the shifting of the remaining teeth, or may find that the gaps in their smile are affecting their self-esteem.

Plainfield Family Dental can help you find the best solution for your needs, such as complete dentures.

Complete dentures use replacement teeth which are fitted into a plastic base, which is crafted to closely resemble the look of your gums. As these are a total replacement for all teeth of either the upper or lower arch, or both, any remaining teeth will need to be extracted before your dentures can be placed.

complete dentures

Types of Dentures

Conventional Complete Dentures

For conventional dentures, you can be fitted once any necessary tooth extractions have been performed and your mouth has fully healed.

An upper denture includes the teeth and a plastic base that resembles your gums. They cover the roof of your mouth (palate) as well. These form a seal with your gums and palate to help hold them in place.

The lower denture, on the other hand, has a horseshoe shape in order to allow room for your tongue.

Implant-Supported Complete Dentures

A modern variant on complete dentures, implant-supported dentures use a minimal number of dental implants to allow the dentures to attach more securely. These have the benefit of making the denture more stable and secure, and the implants will help prevent some additional bone loss.

As dental implants need to be anchored into your jaw bone, just as your natural teeth would be, you will need to have sufficient bone tissue to be eligible for implant-retained dentures.

Immediate Dentures

For patients who need dentures right away, immediate dentures are an option. These are fabricated in a dental lab before your remaining teeth have been removed, so they will be ready to be placed right away. This means you won’t be without teeth during the time when your mouth is healing.

Keep in mind that your mouth will change during the healing process. This may require your dentures to need relining. In some cases, Dr. Williams may recommend a new denture entirely.

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